Our New House - Interior “Before” Tour


It took me a while, but I finally got the chance to do the tour of the inside of the house…back in the fall as you can see by the pumpkins on the front porch. The outdoor "before" tour was done this past summer when we moved here and I promised an inside tour.  When filming it had been a few months since we moved and I was feeling confident that it was clean enough and presentable to show you all.  Then the editing of the video took me some time plus the fact that I am procrastinator, now it’s spring (ok... almost summer) and I am just getting to posting it now.

I actually had to do the tour a few times because of a few technical glitches.  I guess you would call those a dress rehearsals?  Watching the video a few times I realized that I missed a few things and wanted to fill you in on all of the projects we want and already have completed.

Dining Room
Living Room
  • new pillow covering to incorporate the blue into the living room
  • mount the tv and hide the wires in the wall
  • new sectional couch; move the current one downstairs when the basement is fully finished
  • remove all the builtins and shelves and put in a more modern system 
  • tile up the fireplace higher with possibly no mantel
Kitchen/ Kitchen area
  • remove french doors and put in solid wood door with sound deadening
  • curtain system
  • doors on the upper cabinet
  • new art
  • filing cabinet
  • larger area rug
  • more substantial desk
Laundry Room
Garage (sorry not on the tour, Jeff was inside doing work)
  • organize storage shelves
  • wall system for yard work tools
  • shelving system for all large tools and supplies
  • gardening bench

"Pink" Room- Baby's Room
  • couch/sleeper
  • decorative pillows and poof
  • mount tv
  • paint the walls a different color (?)
  • DIY wall art
  • remove carpet and add wood floors
  • make a shelving unit
  • DIY decorative lamp 
  • curtains
Guest Bedroom
  • curtains
  • remove carpet and add wood floors
  • another piece of furniture - maybe a side table for sitting chair
  • decorative lamp

Guest Bath
  • paint cabinets
  • frame mirror

Master Bedroom

Master Bath

Upper Patio
  • planters
  • new patio furniture (table, chairs, lounge chairs)
  • spiral staircase down to ground level
  • replace the plastic balusters with acrylic or glass baluster

Lower Patio (not seen)
  • hang outdoor lights
  • lounge furniture
  • garden area
  • swinging chair or hammock
  • powerwash (again)
I am getting agita just reading this list, but I realize how much we have done since the video was filmed in the fall.  The amount of posts on our house projects is increasing just as I am writing this.   Even with a relatively new house, the projects never end!  The only thing now...where is all the money to complete these projects coming from? DIY saves money, but the materials aren't free!

<3 mk

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