DIY Pantry Shelf Liners

Self adhesive shelf liner
Do you have wire shelves in your pantry or any closet in your home?  Do those wire shelves have spaces that don’t really hold all your smaller items?  Yeah, me too.

I love our pantry.  It's what I have always wanted to store all the necessary dry and canned cooking items as well as cooking appliances.  It truly was one of the many reasons I wanted this house.  The only issue I had was with the wire shelving that was through the entire closet.  The wires allowed for small items and organizers like the one below to slip through.


A simple adhesive shelf liner was necessary, but not possible with the wire shelves.  A way to use the shelf liner was to create a base to wrap the liner.  Answer…foam board or cardboard boxes.

This self adhesive shelf liner came from amazon.  The chevron pattern had me as soon as I spotted it. There are also tons of other patterns in various colors. You can always go to your local store and purchase the average liner, but it truly won't be as cute as a popular chevron.

Cut a large box or foam board (display board) to the measured size of the space and then apply the liner after measuring so it will fold over the edges cleanly.  Two people are necessary if you want the shelf liner to adhere to the foam board/cardboard box without having wrinkles.

Super simple way to solve a little pantry problem and it looks pretty cute as well.

<3 mk

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