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We decided to do something a bit different this year for Valentine’s Day.  Instead of making it just one day we decided to do something for an entire week.  We like to call it , “Our week of LOVE!”  I know it sounds cheesy but it’s a nice build up to the big day and it’s a playful little treat.  We will start the week out on Sunday prior to the day. To make it fair,  I have chosen the even days and Jeff will be the odds, then we both do somthing bigger on the actual day.  I know I’m excited to get this little adventure started, I just hope Jeff is too!

I promised that I would share some of my ideas for this year when I shared my Christmas present for Jeff as a V-Day present.  There seems to be such an influx of ideas this year that it is making hard to decide what to do.  No matter the idea, choose what you want and make it your own. I won’t divulge exactly what I am planning on doing for my handsome husband, but I know I will be borrowing some ideas.  Jeff edits all my posts so maybe he might get an idea as well. Wink, wink!

Cards Ideas

Easy and Inexpensive DIY Ideas

  • 25 DIY ideas here.  I love the succulent and the puzzle (above).

  • Fruit with a loving message

Make a Sweet Treat

A Few Ideas for the Kids or Your Adult Kid

Like I said, so many ideas and these are only a few of my favorites that I found and pinned.   No matter what you do, just do it to show how much you appreciate the one(s) you love.   Make it fun and make it your own.


<3 mk

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