Closet Spring Cleaning 2014


After reading a recent blog post from Stitch Fix, I realized I desperately needed to do some spring-cleaning myself.  A few weeks ago I went through my transition with my boots to sandals phase, but still need to get working on the clothing phase.  I really like the tips they gave, but would like to add some more money saving and organization tips that have worked for me. 

Try it on!

Going through a pregnancy makes it a bit rough since this waist really isn’t my norm, but make sure you try on all of your clothes before taking them out for the season.  You know there are pants/shorts that didn’t quite fit last year and you were holding out for the “I’m going to be able to wear these one day”.  I decided to put items that didn't fit in an unreachable location because of the expanding baby waist. Let's face it, a button extender will work for only so long and many items really won't be in play until next summer.  

This rule also applies to shoes.  If they hurt, just get rid of them.  If they are looking sad and can be rejuvenated, bring them to a shoe repair shop.  You can keep the shoes without the cost of whole new pair.   I had a hard time with this rule with my shoes because looking through all my sandals, I realized I have moved out of the sky-high wedges phase and just want comfort.  I have many pairs of wedges that I love, but can’t walk around in easily.  They are in the “under consideration pile”.

Ask a question / Two year rule

These two have been combined because it just makes sense. Ask yourself if it really is your style and if it has been worn in the past two years.   They have to go together or you, like me will try to rationalize why you should keep it. There is this one sleeveless blouse that I have had for many years and I always persuade myself that I will wear it.  Well, when trying it on, I automatically realized the whole cut and style of it is not for me and even if I style it differently, there are just too many ruffles.  It has been donated to one of my friend from work already.


I totally agree with the “Improve your Quality” rule.  Hangers area big deal and transitioning from dorm room plastic to real hangers can be expensive.  I still have a mix in my closet, but each time I go to TJ Maxx, I buy a pack of the velvet covered hangers for about $15. Sometimes I even score a pack for half that price. They honestly make a huge difference with storing your clothes and the look is so much more streamlined. I have transitioned all of my dresses over to these hangers and in time all of my clothing will be hung in the same fashion.

Color Coding

Arrange for ease, I totally agree! Jeff and I have been color-coding for years and it is not only visually appealing, but it helps getting dressed a bit easier.  It also makes your realize you might need a bit more diversity in color or patterns.  I mean, how many black shirts can one person own? Apparently about twenty-five.

See What You Wear

I cannot see a way that this rule is one I could follow.  Yeah, it would work for a little while and then life would get in the way and your closet will be back to its usual mess again.  Here is what I suggest; If you are color coding, put the most recent worn items in the end of the line for that color section.  Pretty much all the items will be lined up and you will know which one you wore most recently.  The teacher in me is coming out; I love things lined up neatly and highly organized.

This post was actually done last year, but revisited this year with a few upgrades.  I love reading that last post because I did finally get the closet I had dreamed of.   Looking at my last closet, I just can’t believe that we actually shared it.  I know, first world problems, but boy do I feel lucky right now.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

<3 mk


Happy Mother's Day!


We're expecting!
I have been sitting on a big secret for a couple of months now, well actually 18+ weeks now and I figured it was about time to share the good news… I’m pregnant!   I had been really playing around with not sharing for a while, but I thought it would be strange if all of a sudden I started blogging about baby stuff. What perfect time than to announce it on Mother's Day.

Sharing this news is a bit nerve wracking.  We shared the news with our friends and family, but really opening up about such a big personal change to the world is a lot different.  There are all these “what if” scenarios that go through ones mind.  But after a lot of thought, I realized, I want to share because so many great changes are occurring and I want you to all know about it.  I have been reading many other blogs that have given me great ideas and I want to pass my ideas along as well. 

No longer just us!
We found out that Baby Scrumptious, as we are nicknaming, is a....GIRL! She will be joining us in early October.  Now that the news has been let out, I can’t wait to start sharing.

<3 mk


State Love - Updated


Remember state love?  Well, it has been updated with our new location.   It almost took an entire year, but now, North Carolina has now been added.  The frame needed to be upgraded in size so I looked around for a while and got lucky on a random trip to Target (similar). The steps for this project were all the same so I won’t bother retelling them.  Happy crafting!

<3 mk


Airbnb and Homeaway


Our backyard in a Maui rental found on Homeaway

For the past few years of travel, Jeff and I have either used reward points for our hotel accommodations or we've rented a private residence.  I know some people think renting a house or condo might sound expensive, but we have scored some sweet living spaces for less than you would pay for a hotel.  Airbnb and HomeAway have been our go to websites that have aided us in finding these sweet vacation livings.

The best part of renting is that you don’t have to worry about all the things that annoy you about hotels; waiting for the elevator, other guests being noisy, parking, etc.  You can have a full kitchen, washer dryer, and all the privacy you wish for.  Traveling can be expensive so having a kitchen saves you money even if you are just keeping yogurt for breakfast or a few beers in the fridge.  It all adds up.  Having a washer has always been a great saver of space when packing because you can reuse your items and not pack so heavy.  As you might know,  I don’t check my bags and washing my clothes happens even if I don’t have a washer/dryer.

A few weeks ago took a long weekend trip to Miami, Florida.  We used AirBnb to get us a sweet townhouse only 1/3 of a mile away from the sandy white beaches of South Beach.  The place was sweet!  There were five of us staying at this modern town house and it had everything we needed for our short stay; rooftop deck with sweet lounge and hot tub, two modern full baths and one half bath, three bedrooms, modern kitchen, and all the room we needed to relax.  Grand total was far cheaper than a hotel, especially if everyone paid for their own hotel room!

Our oceanfront rental on the Big Island

Homeaway.com has been our go to for many past trips to Hawaii.  We used it to rent a sick house on the Big Island of Hawaii a few years back and again for our honeymoon to Maui and Kauai.  The house on the Big Island had a pool just on the other side of the seawall.  We had our own private beach in Maui and an amazing view of a freshwater stream filled with sea turtles that emptied in to the ocean.   Just the other day, we got back from a week long trip to Oahu (can you tell we love Hawaii?) and are rented another place right on the beach on the North Shore.

View from the deck of our rental on Kauai

When looking to book your next trip, I seriously recommend taking a different route from the normal hotel and renting a place via Airbnb or Homeaway.  Especially if you need a larger place, your options are more plentiful going this route.

This is not a sponsored post and my opinions are mine.  My goal is to pass on any helpful tips that might make you next vacation a money saving one.

<3 mk

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