Happy Mother's Day!


We're expecting!
I have been sitting on a big secret for a couple of months now, well actually 18+ weeks now and I figured it was about time to share the good news… I’m pregnant!   I had been really playing around with not sharing for a while, but I thought it would be strange if all of a sudden I started blogging about baby stuff. What perfect time than to announce it on Mother's Day.

Sharing this news is a bit nerve wracking.  We shared the news with our friends and family, but really opening up about such a big personal change to the world is a lot different.  There are all these “what if” scenarios that go through ones mind.  But after a lot of thought, I realized, I want to share because so many great changes are occurring and I want you to all know about it.  I have been reading many other blogs that have given me great ideas and I want to pass my ideas along as well. 

No longer just us!
We found out that Baby Scrumptious, as we are nicknaming, is a....GIRL! She will be joining us in early October.  Now that the news has been let out, I can’t wait to start sharing.

<3 mk

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