Car Door Bumpers for the Garage


Do you have a small garage?  Do you constantly bump the sides of your car door on the wall of your garage when getting out?  If the answer is yes, then you need a pool noodle.

No, you did not read that incorrectly.  A pool noodle is an inexpensive way to put in a bumper on your wall so you don’t ding your door every time you open the door. At about $3 per noodle, you can protect all of your doors.

This past weekend Jeff and I spent a lot of time cleaning, waxing, and touching up the paint on my Mini Cooper.  The girl isn’t as young as she used to be and needed a good facelift.  Most of the touch up paint went to the hood for the little chips caused by rocks, but the other paint touch up went to smaller door dings (thanks a lot people) as well as the sides of my doors that I most likely caused myself.  I had at least three spots on each side of the door that I most likely hit on the wall of my garage.

All you need to do is cut the noodle in half,  lengthwise.   First, I used measuring tape and dotted a straight-line length wise down both sides of the noodle.  This ensured I cut it so it was symmetrical and even on both sides.  I used a general-purpose sharp pocketknife and hand carved the noodle into two pieces.

Then, adhere the cut noodle with a few 2.5” screws that went into the wall of the garage on the stud every 16-24 inches.  It took only a few screws (3 each) and the project was done. I screwed them into the noodle just so the metal of the screw wasn’t sticking out.  The screw moves very easily through the plastic foam of the noodle so be careful.  Screw in just enough so it still is in the noodle and not just the wall stud.

Yes, you can purchase any materials that would cushion the door from hitting the walls of the garage, but not at $3. This project was a cheap and easy solution to my side door issues.  Now, I just need to figure something out for those other people that have been dinging up the side of my car. 

<3 mk

P.S.  If you can get past the veins in my hands, my nail polish is OPI gel in Thanks a Windmillion.

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