Deck Greenhouse Results


Remember the deck greenhouse I put together back in November?  Are you curious to see if my plants are still alive?  Well, the verdict is in…

Back in November, in an attempt to save my plants and herbs, I purchased an easy, build it yourself
4-tiered greenhouse.  I literally took my plastic deck planters and placed them directly into the greenhouse, then crossed my fingers.  I will admit that I forgot to water the herbs regularly, but it was so cold outside I didn't want to even step outside. My selfishness didn't blow up in my face because the herbs and plants lived to see the spring.

Disclaimer - not all herbs will last through a cold winter in the green house.  I had chives, parsley, rosemary, and creeping jenny in my planters. They didn't grow too much over the winter, but they were all still green and ready for the warmer weather when I took them out in April. I did try basil, but it was a total fail.  It isn't a hearty herb.

Parsley and Chives
The best part about this "experiment" was that I didn't have to start from scratch this Spring.  I literally took the planters out of the greenhouse, did some minor cleaning of the beds, then dropped them right back into the planter boxes that Jeff built.

<3 mk

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