Make Your Own In-Shower Body Scrubs


There is nothing better than soft and shiny legs.   Now that the weather is warmer, you won't be hiding your legs in tights anymore.  It’s time to shave and exfoliate those gams.

Making an at home body scrub is really simple, there are tons of ways to make them, and many products to use.  I was about to add some products to my shopping list and decided to use what I already had at home.  With spring-cleaning, I realized how much extra beauty “stuff” I actually purchases and never used. 

Plastic containers bought especially to hold the scrubs - glass in the shower isn't safe.

Sugar, thats the main ingredient for leg exfoliate.  A cheap and easy ingredient you probably already have at home. Mix it with mineral oil, baby oil, Dove liquid soap, even other shower oils. The recipe is simple; for every cup of sugar, add in 3/4 of a cup of the oil.

My first scrub I mixed with mineral oil, brown/granulated sugar, and a teaspoon of cinnamon.  It smells delicious and is totally edible, but I wouldn't recommend licking your leg.   I used the mineral oil because baby oil really doesn't react with my skin well, but use what you have.  This stuff smelled delicious when scrubbing my legs in the shower.

The second scrub was granulated sugar and the Vaseline Shower Body Oil.  The smell is even better when the steam of the shower gets to it. The cocoa butter smell is my favorite.

The third container is a secret for now.  It is a body scrub that is also used for exfoliation but for a totally different purpose.  Check next week for all the info.

*Warning, the oils will stick to the sides of your tub.  After you are done with your shower/bath, rinse and do a spray or quick wipe with some cleaning product.  Nobody wants a brown ring around the tub.*

<3 mk

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