DIY Lily Pulitzer Style Inspired Fabric Covered Frame


Lily Pulitzer’s colors and patterns are so full of life.  They are everywhere, especially since spring has sprung.  I even found some of her dresses when shopping in Marshall’s the other day. 

I really am inspired by the bright colors and patterned fabrics, but they aren’t really easily mixed in with the style of our home.  If it was up to me, there would be brighter colors and patterns, but I also live with a man, my husband, and compromise is a must in marriage.  So instead of totally passing over using some Spring’s brightest, I decided to make a small present for my niece’s fifth birthday.

My niece Cailyn will be turning five this June and is a total girly girl.  The bright pinks and greens that Lily Pulitzer has in her patterns are perfect for her bedroom.  Using green and pinks last year, I already quilled my other niece’s name using the steps in my custom initial quilling post so the palette was already in action in their room. When visiting my family in April, I took this adorable picture of her that is perfect for my frame idea.

This project is exactly the way I made the frames with custom fabric photo mats, but a bit brighter.  You need fabric that wil fit the dimensions of the frame mat, a frame, scissor, and a glue gun.  The frame was $14 and the fabric was less than $3 with a coupon from Joannes. Follow the steps in the custom fabric photo mat post and you'll have a totally new framed picture.

<3 mk

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