Custom Photo Mat


Photos are on display all over my home.  It is so nice to be surrounded by pictures of the ones you love and miss.  After some time, looking at the same frames/settings gets boring and a change is needed.   Without breaking the bank or even having to get a new frame, here is a quick and easy fix. 

I had framed two digital photos of Jeff and I when we first started dating over seven years ago.  They have been on display in our bedroom for sometime now and were looking old.  When I saw this inspiration from Our Fifth House, I needed to redo them.

First, I got better pictures printed from Costco.  If you have a membership, it is super cheap to get large prints and they contact you when they're done.   I did this with the large pictures from our wedding and love the way they turned out.

Collect all your materials.
- Frame (Ribba from IKEA)
- Photo Mat (usually comes with the frame)
- fabric
- scissors
- hot glue gun with glue sticks

Next, I took the same mat that came with the frame, measured and cut the fabric.  Cut the fabric so there is over an inch over the outside of the mat.

Pull the fabric from the center, cut a hole.

Lay the fabric down and place the mat on top, centering the hole that was just cut. Fold the outside edges onto the photo mat, pulling it taught and gluing down with the hot glue gun.  Do this to all four sides of the mat. The corners will need to be folded and trimmed. 

Once all sides are glued, cut from the center in angles to each corner from the center hole you cut a few steps ago.

Trim the overlapping fabric and glue all four inside edges, pulling the fabric taught.

Done.  Place inside of the frame with your favorite picture. 

I choose a black and white fabric because it best went with the color pallet in the room.  The best thing about this project is you can easily choose whatever fabric you want and even change it if your mood, room color, or even if your decor preferences change. 

<3 MK

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