DIY Personalized Acrylic Serving Tray


Acrylic serving trays are everywhere, especially the ones that are personlaized.  I have been slobbering all over these gems for a few months, but wouldn’t buck up the money to actually get one made for me. Getting them personalized can cost a pretty penny (starting at least $50) so,  I made the decision to make my own.

I purchased this clear acrylic tray for $25 on amazon.  I wanted to make it personalized, but realized that I am not precise with my painting, so I purchased an alternative.  Etsy.com has tons of individuals that are selling initial decals.   The decals come in a variety of shapes, sizes, fonts, and styles.  I was able to personalize the size of my decal to fit my clear acrylic tray.  The seller was so flexible and made my decal the size I request for $12. 

The decal came in the mail about a week later with directions about adhering to my surface.  It was fairly easy, but make sure you clean the surface before applying and measure to ensure it is centered. I simply sprayed the surface with rubbing alcohol and wiped it off.  Following the directions is a must because once the decal touches the surface, it is stuck!

Instead of paying about $60 for this personalized acrylic servicing tray, I spend $37 for the same quality and design.

I love the way this turned out and will be using it for my next get together with friends.  If you need some color or change, laminate some patterned card stock and place it on the bottom of the tray adhered with double sided tape.  That idea will coming soon.

<3 mk

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