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TED was introduced to me by my husband and I couldn’t thank him enough.  It is a perfect mix of great ideas and inspiration for a person (especially one with attention deficit disorder). TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design.  TED Talks fall within those three categories and are presented by engaging speakers who are often seen as experts on their topics.  Talks are typically less than 20 minutes, which never gives you enough time to get bored.  Sure, there are topics that are less interesting or pertinent to you than others, but then there are topics that bring you to tears, prompt you to make a difference, or even make you ask yourself hard challenging questions that encourage meaningful life action.

Recently Jeff and I went to a TEDx conference in Hickory, North Carolina.  TEDx is an independently organized (i.e. franchised) TED event and on a smaller scale. We have been TED watchers for numerous years and saw the opportunity on our recent trip down south.  We were seriously jazzed to see one in person after so many years of watching the talks streamed online.  TED talks are one of our top entertainment choices during working out.  Nothing like expanding your mind and muscles at the same time!

My favorite quote from the talk was - “You can’t do the same thing everyday and expect change!”  It really made me think about how I do things in life and not just sit there an expect things that bother me to change if I don’t do anything about it.  Maybe you need some change and watching one of the talks will motivate and inspire you to make some changes.  Take a chance, I bet you’ll find something that interests you.

If reading the news becomes too stressful and TV doesn’t cut it, check out TED Talks.  You can watch them on your computer or get the app on your tablet or phone.  They are perfect to watch when working out or even sitting in the airport waiting to go home (which I am doing right now) or to go on a much-needed trip.  These are truly talks on ideas worth sharing.

Here are a couple of my favorite talks to get you started understanding the addictive and powerful nature of TED.

Ken Robinson: School Kills Creativity

Andreas Schleicher: Use Data to Build Better Schools

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