DIY Creaseless Hair Ties


These creaseless hair ties are all over the place.  I see them online, in magazines, stores,   EVERYWHERE!  I went to pick up a pack at Target the other day and realized that I would be spending about $5 on three hair things that were just elastics knotted at the end.  Yes, my frugal side kicked in and I immediately went to the craft store.

Joanne Fabric had an array of elastics that were prices from $1.99 for basic colors to $2.99 for printed elastics.  Each package contains one yard of elastic.  That would allow one to make numerous ties for yourself and some friends.

The printed and colorful elastics were cute, but I am pretty neutral when it comes to hair accessories.  I chose to buy black, white, and a ruffled brown.  They were really easy to make and only required about 10 minutes to make a whole bunch. 

With the amount of elastic I bought, I was able to make about five hair ties with each color.  At the price of $1.99 - $2.99 that would break down to $0.40- $0.60 per hair tie.  That is saving you ~75% of what they would cost in the store. 

Here are the easy steps.

Collect your materials. Elastics, scissors, something for measuring, lighter.

Cut the elastic to a desired length.  I have a good amount of thin straight hair and I cut my elastics to 7 inches.  This allowed me to tie up my hair looping twice with just the right amount of tightness on the pony tail.  If you have really thick hair and a lot of it, you might want to make the cut longer

Fold the elastic in half length wise.

Tie a knot close to the end and pull it tight leaving some elastic sticking out.

Singe the end of the elastic with a lighter so it does not fry.  Warning, it will catch on fire if you leave it on the elastic.  It also will melt so be careful and don't touch it with your hand.

Done.  This is the ruffle brown one I made.  

If you don’t want to use a lighter, you can always put some clear nail polish or fray check.

If you use white elastic, then do not use the lighter.  The burn marks will show and discolor the elastic at the ends. Use clear nail polish or fray check

After finishing this little project and putting my hair up for pictures, I left the pony tail in my hair for a few hours.  When I took it out, it was like I didn’t even have it up.  #winning

<3 mk

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