DIY Master Bathroom Renovation - Part III


This is post is part of a multi-part series on how we demolished our master bathroom and re-built it ourselves with quality materials and great design.
  1. DIY Master Bathroom Renovation - The Demolition
  2. DIY Master Bathroom Renovation - The Build Up
  3. DIY Master Bathroom Renovation - The Finishing Touches
  4. DIY Master Bathroom Renovation - The Final Product

Welcome to Part III in our Master Bathroom Renovation series.  In Part I of the series, we showed you some of the ugly demolition.  In Part II, we explained the key materials and boring/technical ideas, concepts and steps that one must undergo to build a quality and lasting bathroom.

Part III is the breakdown of major costs and materials required to undergo a project of this magnitude.  There will be numerous small purchases required - electric screwdrivers, screws, tape, caulking, a tile cutter, etc.. and while they will add up to a few hundred dollars, they are by far not the big ticket items.

Our vendors for the big ticket products included Cooltiles, Amazon and eBay.  Shipping was usually very affordable (or free) and the prices and selection could not be beat locally.

Shower panel
Make / Model: Pulse Showerspas Hana
Source: Amazon
Cost: $687 shipped

This thing is crazy.  It has a rain shower head, wand with numerous massage settings, a tub spout, shaving mirror and four misting jets.  The installation was super simple compared to even plumbing a normal shower / spigot combo.  Plus, it looks luxurious and amazing.

Frameless shower door
Make / Model: Kohler R702200-L-MX Fluence Frameless Bypass Shower Door with Crystal Glass
Source: Amazon
Cost: $351 shipped

Not only does this shower door look great, but like the shower panel, it was super easy to install.  It allows for installation in areas where the walls are not perfectly square and you only need a drill and a small hacksaw to install this.  Going slow, it only took a few hours to install.

Vanity with mirrors

Make / Model: Varies
Source: eBay
Cost: $1,184.00 shipped

Quite a bit of furniture these days is made in China.  There are numerous factories pumping low cost but quality furniture and there are plenty of Internet-only companies reselling the furniture under different names and wildly different prices.  It's very common to find the same piece of furniture at prices at two different stores that vary significantly.  The vanity set we purchased came with a dual sink, vanity, mirrors, and two faucets.  Unfortunately, the sink was damaged during delivery and we were unable to win the lengthy insurance claim battle.  Luckily, IKEA has an affordable dual sink that just happens to fit (with only a little modification) our vanity.

Dual-sink top
Make / Model: Braviken Sink, 2 bowls
Source: IKEA
Cost: $280 purchased in store

Way to go IKEA.  This dual sink fit the vanity almost perfectly.  We had to do a little cutting of the vanity, but nothing difficult.  It looks great and comes with all of the plumbing you need, including the p-trap!

Floor tile
Brand: Emil Ceramica in Grigio Pepe 6" x 13"
Source: Cootiles
Cost: 3 boxes at $123 each, $371 shipped

These tiles are porcelain, affordable and durable.  They are super easy to cut and work with and look fantastic.

Baseboard and Shower accent tile
Brand: Clear View Staggered Black and Grey Mix 10.5" x 9.5"
Source: Cootiles
Cost: 19 sheets at $312 shipped

These tiles served as a baseboard accent and an accent behind the shower panel.

Shower wall tile
Make / Model: Elida Ceramica Rain 12"x 24"
Source: Cootiles
Cost: 1 box at $420 shipped with 10% off coupon

We actually purchased this tile in 12"x24" pieces, not the 12"x12" shown below.  This was challenging to install as the thinset needs to be applied to the back of the tile uniformly as well as your walls needing to be very flat.  Like everything else, if you mess up, try it again.  Just pull it off the wall and adjust and affix it properly.

Total: $2,918.00

We were able to "splurge" in the visible areas (vanity, shower panel, tile) as it was DIY.  We received contractor quotes from $3k to $10k to remodel the bathroom using the cheapest materials available.  Throwing in an extra $500 for all of the smaller materials and tool purchases, we'd like to think we came out ahead.  Stick around for Part IV of our DIY Master Bathroom Renovation and you can decide!

<3 mk and jeff

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