DIY Master Bathroom Renovation - Part IV - The Finale


This is post is part of a multi-part series on how we demolished our master bathroom and re-built it ourselves with quality materials and great design.
  1. DIY Master Bathroom Renovation - The Demolition
  2. DIY Master Bathroom Renovation - The Build Up
  3. DIY Master Bathroom Renovation - The Finishing Touches
  4. DIY Master Bathroom Renovation - The Final Product

Welcome to Part IV in our Master Bathroom Renovation series.  Part I covered the nasty parts (demolition), Part II got pretty technical about the underlying structure pieces and Part III spoke of the costs and finishing touches.  If you haven't seen the "before" photos, check them out in the links above!

Finally, Part IV is the final product.  Here you can see how everything fits together, from the tile choices for the floor, the baseboard tiles which are also used as an accent piece behind the shower panel.  Though to be honest, we did not have enough tile for the walls and were short one piece.  It could only be purchased in bulk, not individually so we needed to get creative.  Hence the leftover baseboard and floor tile behind the shower.  The shower panel and vanity cabinets can be seen with the dual sinks, faucets and mirrors.

A few other touches include the dimable LED shower lights, bamboo accessories (to flow with the bedroom floor) and bathrobe and towel hangers from Amazon.

You'll notice some of the photos are more professional looking than the others.  That's because a professional took them!  More on that in later posts.

The Final Product

Shower panel with rain shower head

Close up of rain shower head

Shower panel misters in action

Dual sink vanity and mirrors

It's not a very large master bathroom, but we made the space work.  By going with a shallow double sink vanity, it really gives the illusion and additional physical space that the room is larger than it actually is.  The vanity has a depth of just over 19".  That's very common in Europe, but not in the US.

All in all, this is definitely something we would do again.  For the cost of materials and time, ending up with an extremely modern and well-built bathroom was completely worth it.  We know quality materials and the proper techniques were used and are super happy with the results.

<3 mk and jeff

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