Make Your Own Cellulite Scrub


Last week I wrote about two shower body scrubs that you can easily make at home. I left you hanging with the third container in my pictures, but today Ill let you in on my secret.  The third scrub is used for something most women hate most in the world...cellulite.

Cellulite - Yes, that dreaded word that nobody likes to hear, but especially nobody likes to see.  It isn’t a problem for people who need to lose weight. Even skinny girls get it because it isn’t fat, its bands of collagen that crisscrosses over fat cells, which create a bumpy appearance.  Caffeine and circular strokes can reduce water retention to make fat cells lie smoother.

Instead of spending tons of money on that caffeine-laced cream, I went right to my Keurig, the k-cup coffee maker.   I used my k-cups and some cinnamon mixed together.  I have been rubbing the scrub in circles on my problem areas.  No, it doesn’t make it all go away, but I have noticed a positive appearance for only pennies.

Why cinnamon?  Cinnamon has been proven to melt cellulite and improve the look of your skin.  If you want more info, read this article.

Memorial Day has officially kicked off summer time and that means officially bathing suit season.  This past weekend, Jeff and I went on a get away to the beach where a bikini was a must.  I have to say that I was feeling a bit more comfortable since using this scrub.  A tan doesn't hurt either, but that will take some time to develop. Sorry folks, I refuse to show any pictures of the progress, just try it for yourself.

This cellulite scrub is a great help, but there are other areas to get yourself ready for the warmer weather. I recently read an article from Glamour that gave some great hints to getting your body ready for the beach without hitting the gym. I am a big advocate for frequent exercise, but I know it isn't for everyone.  The article focuses on getting the glowing legs, but they also talked about cellulite.

Happy scrubbing!

<3 mk

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