Cleaning Your Styling Tools


I have straight hair, pin straight hair.  To someone that has curly hair, they are envious, but to me, I want curly hair.  You always want what you don’t have!  In order to get what I want, I curl my hair about three to four times a week.   I always knew that I should use products to protect my hair from the curling iron, but did you know you should protect your styling tools too? Yeah, me neither.

A few months back I showed you how to clean your makeupbrushes, but in beauty, you need to keep everything clean, including your styling tools.  I use a curling iron,  flat iron, and a wand throughout the week, depending on the curl or wave I am trying to attain.  So much of the products that I use to protect my hair gets built up on the tools and will affect their productivity as well as their lifespan.

In order to clean these guys you really don’t need much.  About once a week, if you are a frequent user, spray some rubbing alcohol.  In a spray bottle, mix equal amounts of the (non drinkable!) alcohol and tap or distilled water.  Spray this on the styling tool when slightly warm and rub off with a cloth or makeup pad.  Do you see what I got off of one of my curling tools?  Ewwww

FYI - This frugal and effective cleaner can be used all over the house to replace the multiple types of cleaners you might be using.  The best part is that it's dirt cheap!   We used an empty larger spray bottle and use it to clean almost everything.

<3 mk

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