Cleaning Makeup Brushes Pro Style


I am not a professional makeup artist, but I wish I was.  The ability of professional make up artists is amazing. Their ability to change the whole perception of your face with a few brush strokes is a skillful craft.  Their main tool, the makeup brush, needs to be maintained after each use.  As a novice, I also try to do the same. 

Make up brushes are expensive and there are so many of them out there.  Buying them one at a time seems to be the easiest way to not break the bank.  Once you have spent your money on a good quality brush, why not maintain them properly?

I don’t have the best skin, so I really try to keep my brushes clean.  Who knows what can get on them being in the bathroom? Yuck! Here is a method that works for me and my brushes seem happy as well.

 In your hand put a small drop of soap and a drop of olive oil.

One brush at a time, rub them in the cleanser/ olive oil combination until there is a small lather.

 Rise under warm water and squeeze out the excess soap/oil from each brush.

After all the soap has been removed, squeeze the excess water and lay the brush on a clean, dry towel.

 Take each brush and wipe out the extra water on the towel. Make sure you use a towel that is old.  The olive oil will stain the fabric.  The oil allows the brush to keep in some moisture and it wont be so brittle as time goes on. 

Allow enough time to dry fully before your next use.

I use a brush cleaner purchased from Target, but you can use Dove Antibacterial soap, or any gentle soap.

In between deep cleanings I try to keep my brushes clean with a spritz of Witch Hazel and a quick wipe with a clean towel, but the products tend to build up over time. They need a good cleaning every other week. Try the deep cleaning method above, I promise, you will notice a difference.

 Ewww, look what came off the brush.  Happy cleaning!

<3 mk

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