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I’m new to this blogging culture/community, but when I read so many different blogs, one tends to notice the design/ layouts.  Being a visual person and a woman, I know that the look is just as important as the content.  You may have noticed the recent redesign, how do you like it?

Note - If you read from an RSS reader, you might not notice the difference.  Click here to see the new design! 

Now that the design is more visually appealing, there are many things I want to improve upon.

1. Photography.

I am not professional photographer in any sense.  Learning how to use my camera has been very difficult for me.  My hope is that one day it will all "click" and the pictures will look as good as some of the ones I see on my everyday ventures through the blogosphere.

Jeff built me a light box recently (that doubles as an ottoman!), so the lighting has already been greatly improved, but there's still a lot to learn.  Not everything will fit in the box, so practicing and exploring the functions of my camera and auxiliary lighting are going to be interesting.

Lastly, I want to start editing photos to add labels and other items to more clearly point out important parts of a photograph.  

2. Content.

So far I have really been doing what I already would have been doing if I wasn’t blogging.  Seriously, I always am doing projects, cooking, and shopping, the only difference now is that I write it all down and take pictures.  I'm always looking for more ideas, but knowing that people really like the ideas gives me more areas to focus on.  So, what would you like to see?

3. Building a relationship with you.

So I know people are reading, but I don’t know who you are.  I hope that you guys are getting ideas from me and able to develop your own based on what you have seen.

With my goals in mind and many more projects, the sky is the limit.  My journey so far has been such a learning experience that I only think it can get better.  Food. Fashion. Home. was a big step for me, but one that I am glad I took.

<3 mk

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