Turning Sour to Sweet


This is what I call a fun on a Friday night.  Foodie drugs.

I can’t say that Jeff and I are much of the going out type anymore.  Two Fridays ago we enjoyed cooking some really marbled ribeye and enjoying a new wine we got from our recent trip to Sonoma.  We are homebodies because : 1. We like being home  2. We like to save money for our travels. 3. We enjoy spending time together.

Usually after we have some wine we enjoy a good cocktail.  Jeff isn’t much of a sweet drinker and I tend to require some modifications to the cocktails he makes me.   That Friday he made me a cocktail and realized that my favorite ingredient, St. Germain was no longer in stock at our bar.   Being the trickster he is, he requested I take a sip of the adult beverage he concocted.  I instantly realized his other hand was behind his back and knew he was up to something.  I know him too well.  Instantly when sipping my drink I realize how insanely bitter with lemon it was.  Almost instantly after one sip he pulled out the surprise, Miracle Fruit tablets. 

We had some fun with the Miracle Fruit tablet a while back (check the expiration date on our first photo!) when we first discovered these.  When you are eating something very bitter and acidic, these tablets make them instantly sweet.  This is because the primary ingredients in these tablets binds to the sweet taste buds on your tongue to produce the effect.  The tablets are a concentrated extract of berries that contain what is called Miraculin.  We experimented with every bitter food item in the grocery store the first time we tried these.

When you let one of these tables melt in your mouth, anything bitter and acidic is ultimately sweet.  My bitter drink was instantly up to par with my tastes! 

So, we might have been homebodies that weekend, but I think that Friday was pretty sweet.

We originally purchased the Miracle fruit tablets from Amazon over three years ago and they were still great.

<3 mk

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