Easy Fix for a Creaky Floor


Do you have a carpeted floor that creeks?  Well, if you have an older home, the most likely you do.  No need to rip up the carpet or call in a professional.  Here is a quick and easy solution to your problem.  Enter the O'Berry Squeak No More Kit.

Yes, It sounds like it is from an infomercial and it totally is, but it really works.  The kit comes with screws that are designed to pull the wood together thus eliminating the squeak (the threads decrease in radius).  The tool in the kit allows you to put the screw in just enough so they stick out of the carpet and then break off. 

Here is what is included in the kit, it comes with many more screws though.

Joist finder

Screw in as much as possible, put the drill in reverse.  If it backs out, you hit a joist.

The screw placement tool in action

The screw placement tool has a stopper that prevents the screw from going in to far.  The legs keep it securely in place while putting the screw in the floor.

A screw in place, still with the head

This is how far the screw is supposed to go up to this point.  See the next step, as the head is coming off!

Removing the screw head

The screw stabilizer doubles as the screw head remover.  It breaks off with little effort, leaving the business end of the screw entirely embedded in the wood.

Voila, Squeeeeek No More! 

It sounds like you will have raw metal sticking out of the carpet, but you won't.  We used almost all of our screws that came with the smaller kits and I have been walking on the carpet barefooted for over a week.  Squeaks are gone and there isn’t any evidence that anything was done except that there are no more squeaks!  For $20 your annoying squeak problem is solved.
<3 mk

BTW- I am wearing OPI gel in Did You Ear About Van Gogh?

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