Manly Easter Basket


There are so many memories of growing up and getting carob chocolate bars for Easter…yuck!  Carob?  Yes, I was allergic to milk and it was a "delicious” treat I would score in my Easter basket.  The Eastern Bunny sure knew my allergies.  Thank goodness for the Peeps and the sugar based candies or my childhood would have been really depressed.

Things have changed and I no longer have issues with dairy, but I also do not have any children to make Easter baskets for.  My sister’s children are up in NY, so I wont be shipping any candy their way, but I do have a husband that I think deserves a basket…a MANLY basket.

There will not be any pink bows, Peeps, or Easter hay (shiny green filling) in this basket.   The basket will not be weaved, it will be only something that carries a manly beverage in a hoppy beer box.  Get it?  Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA is very hoppy!  This basket is personalized for him and the items are not requirements for your man’s Easter basket.  Find what he loves and put it in.  All items apply, even dirty ones (tee hee).

Items in the basket include:
- Beer (many rare varieties)
- Hickory and Mesquite Wood for Jeff to do smoking and grilling
- Reese’s Eggs (Easter themed candy only)
- Cadbury Cream Eggs - Original and Caramel
- Axe Body wash
- Gum
- Grill Brush
- Car Cleaning Cloths
- Manly chap stick

No matter what you put in the basket, if the focus is on him, even better.  Think about it, how special is he going to feel when he also gets a basket along with the kids.  They never really do grow up!

Only a few weeks until Easter, start stocking up for your basket today.

<3 mk

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