Cleaning Jeans- Put Them on Ice


I admit it, I made fun of my husband for putting his jeans in the freezer to kill any germs and odors, but he was right.  When you spend a load of money on new raw denim, the last thing you want to do is go and wash them, taking away all the color. 

Jeans are durable and may be worn many times before they start smelling bad.  To zap that odor without washing,  put them into a plastic freezer bag and in the freezer for a few days, preferably two.
The freezing temperatures kill the pungent bacteria and will keep the color intact.

It seriously works!  I bought myself a pair of dark Paige skinnies over six months ago and haven’t washed them once.  There were a few spots I had to spot clean with a towel and water, but they still fit, the color is the same as the day I bought them and they're odor free.

However, if you do need to wash the jeans, make sure you put them inside out and wash with a dark fabric detergent and in cold water.  Woolite makes a dark wash detergent that I have been using on all our darks for a few years now.  It is worth the investment to keep you darks from turning to grays.

<3 mk

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