New Year’s Outfit Inspiration


New Year’s is usually the time when you want to wear something that will wow your friends as well as yourself.  There is nothing better than wearing something that makes you feel good, but also makes you look good.  This year, we weren’t going out on the town, but staying in with some close friends so a hot dress was not necessary.

Yes, I am aware that is has been some time since New Year’s but the opportunity to use this outfit for the Linky Party presented it self. Originally, I was going to forget the post because I am not a big fan of posting picture of just me, but I will get over it in order to show the re-creation of my inspiration outfit.

When I spotted this gold Rock and Republic sweater at Kohl’s for $10, I immediately wanted it.  Not just because of the price, but also because it was different than what I normally would wear.  My main concern was what to wear with it and where am I going to wear it.  I can’t just show up to my job because it totally is not appropriate, so I chose New Years to debut this bold gold sweater.

The Inspiration Photo- Gold Sweater and pants from Ann Taylor

My Interpretation

Shirt: Rock and Republic Sweater, Kohl's $10
Pants: Pencil Cut Dress Pants in black, Express $30, old
Shoes: Brown Suede Ankle Tie Pump, Bought in Paris, old
Necklace: Gold and Black Bead, Bib Style, Target, old

I chose to wear the shorter necklace instead of the long bangle and the leapord scarf. I do have a similar scarf, but never had the opportunity to wear the necklace and it paired well.  I also wore brown shoes instead of the black pumps in the inspiration photo.  Brown and black are no longer a faux-pas and I really wanted to wear my shoes. See side note.

One of my favorite daily blogs is J’s Everyday Fashion.  She literally posts everyday and I get so much inspiration from her clothing combos.  She always uses what she has, purchases reasonably priced clothes, and has an inspiration photo.  She also lists how much she purchases every item along with a link and other similar alternatives to the features items of clothing.  Being inspired by J’s Everyday Fashion, I found numerous inspiration photos and put the outfit together with my new gold sweater.

Shoe side note - I originally brought these shoes home from Paris when I visited about six years ago.  I loved them so much at the time, but my feet did not.  I wore them out maybe a handful of times.  The small amount of walking for New Year's was even too much for them.  Knowing that, I still dont want to get rid of them.  Oh what a girl does for fashion.

I hope you can find some inspiration and use what you have to put together a whole new outfit.
Happy styling!

<3 mk

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