Homemade V-Day Ideas


Valentine’s day, the day of commercial love is right around the corner.  This 'holiday' for some people is like any other day, but to those lovers at heart, it is a very special day. Personally, I think it is just another day to tell my special someone that I love and appreciate him, but I honestly try to do that as often as possible anyway. 

Roses, chocolates, and champagne are always a nice gift but the prices of those items tend to break the bank. If one isn’t into spending big bucks on a present, I always vote for a really good card, maybe one made from candy conversation hearts.

Below are some of the thoughtful and inexpensive ideas that I have done in the past and a few I am going to try this year. 

One. Oh The Places We Will Go- World Map.

If you and your loved one are the traveling type, this is the V-Day gift for you. This can be done in any size. Using a shadow box, an ordered printed map that fits the box, and different colored pins, you can make this as well.  I marked the places Jeff and I had been together with black pins and the white pin is where we live. Together, use a different color pin for the places you want to visit in the future, we used red. <3

Two. Conversation Heart Letter.
Conversation hearts have some a long way since being in elementary school.  I wouldn’t even bring these things in for my students to play with because some of the sayings are not appropriate for young children. 

To make the card, simply choose the candy hearts that you want to include in your letter.  Then, plan out your letter incorporating the sayings. You can type up he letters onto card stock, then glue on the hearts. Sorry there isn't a picture, I wanted to keep my letter personal.

Three. TNT- You’re the bomb!

Chocolate Rolos, red paper, and some pipe cleaners. Nothing else to say.

Four. I love you this much! 

Use red cardstock and a printer.  I will be using this as my card this year and write my message on the inside. Super cute and super thoughtful. I got this idea from A Day in My Life.

Five. Personalized Chocolate Kisses.

Hershey Kisses with personalized flags. I did this many years ago for Jeff and put them everywhere.  Jeff even found some of them in his luggage months later.  Now, that is what I call being romantic.

Type up messages for your Love.  I did, Reasons I love Jeff... and trust me, I had tons.  Print the messages really small, cut out, and taped individually onto each flag on the kiss.  Yes, it takes some time, but totally worth it.

Six. State Love.

Home is where the heart is.  I gave this to Jeff for Christmas this year.  I wish I could take the claim for this idea, but I found it on Pinterest.  See how to make this here.

No matter how you celebrate V-Day, make sure you let those people you love know why you love them.    I hope you might be able to use some of my ideas, but if these ideas aren’t up you alley, you can always do the ‘LOVE’ coupons.  LOL.

<3 mk

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