Adding Some Color


Remember when I made this?  Well, I am totally in love with it, but it needed a little somethin'.  My very expensive inspirations all had some color background to them and I also wanted to add some, but I couldn’t just settle on one pattern so…I did four! 

Four?  How can you do four different patterns on a tray?  Easy.  Make them removable.

The best thing about this acrylic tray is that it is clear.  That means that you can see through it to the surface it is placed on.  Since I had already put the decal on the top of the tray, the only place left to add some color was underneath.

First, measure the bottom of the tray, exactly.  Cut some patterned or colored card stock to the measurements of the tray bottom. You probably will need to buy pieces of each to make the size fit the measurements. Michaels has a huge variety of patterned paper for under $2 each.  I was able to get polka dots, damask with green, navy stripes, and a wedding ring pattern in rusty orange.  I laminated each paper and then attached them to the bottom of the tray using double sided sticky dots.

If you do not have access to a laminator, you can get a pack of 10 self-adhesive sheets for about $8.  They work just as well as a machine.

I love the way this project turned out.  For a few more dollars, I was able to add some color to the personalized tray. My favorite was the polka dots. It's so Kate Spade.  The other patterned bottoms are equally awesome and they go so well with the colors in our living room. 

<3 mk

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