Tips for Switching Your Clothes for Spring


It’s official, Spring is here and it's time to put the sweaters away!  It was randomly hot here in DC a few weeks ago and it was wonderful.   It made me want to wear my flip flops and shorts immediately but for me it isn't that easy. I have had to go into my spring/summer boxes stored in the basement to get out the warm weather clothes. Yes it is a pain, but it was time to get those guys out and into the rotation. 

If you are like me, you can’t keep all of your clothes in one closet.  Yes, my closet has a size disadvantage, but I also have too many clothes.  Did I really just admit that? I don’t see having too many clothes as being a problem because I've found ways to still be organized each season.


Here are some tips for switching and/or organizing your clothes for the new warmer season.

1. Take all of your clothes out of the closet before putting them back in. This will give you some perspective of what you actually have.

2. Purge. I don’t mean get sick from all of this work, I mean get rid of what you haven’t worn.   If you know that those shorts don’t fit or aren’t your style anymore, get rid of them.  Try the clothes on that you know might be questionable in fit. Please make sure you donate the clothes to either friends, family or the needy.  You can also be inventive if you can sew and find new uses for the clothes.

3. Color code the hanging clothes.  Having all shirts organized by color families makes looking for a shirt super easy.  I usually put the patterned tops, stripe, and florals together in one section. It will be  a rainbow of colors.  It will also allow you to see how many of one color you have and help you either get rid of some of them or not buy any more.  As you can see, I have tons of black and white going on.

4. STOP Buying! Yes, that isn’t that simple, especially for me,  but if you truly assess and try on the clothes you own already, you will have tons new outfit combinations you didn’t think you had.  If you are stuck for ideas, look in magazines, Pinterest, or other blogs.

5. Invest in good hangers to hang up as much as you can. I have't bought them yet, but I know when I spy a good deal on hangers, I'll be taking my own advice.  Having good hangers not only makes the closet look good, but they are nicer to your clothes and wont leave those dents in the shoulders of the tops. 

6. Throw away the shoe boxes. Put your shoes in clear plastic containers.  They cost about 99 cents each and allow for more than one pair of sandals/flip flops to be stored.  These were all purchased at Walmart. The shoes can be seen inside, which is helpful when planning your outfit for the day.

7.  Do not store all of your cold weather clothes.  The weather isn't always super warm so keep a few light sweaters or cardigans out.  I never store my jeans.  Jeans are so versatile that you can wear them all year long.

In my dream home I will have a closet large enough for all seasons, but for now I will be doing the season switch.  

I know there are more people with organizing ideas.  What have you done to organize your closet?

<3 mk

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