DIY Manly Valentine's Booze Bouquet


Valentine's Day is here!  I always make a point of making something special for my love. Last year I made this beauty which still hangs in our house, but with updated travel pins.  I wanted to share this diy present with you to inspire you.  Maybe if you have enough time you can make one for your special someone.

Jeff surprised me a few days ago with flowers sent to my school.  I know it was to show everyone what a loving husband he was, but he insisted that he sent them so I could enjoy them at work all week. They ended up coming home with me because of a looming snow storm, but ultimately they gave me a great idea for Jeff's present. He wouldn't appreciate flowers, but a booze bouquet is a welcome gift.

To make this many bouquet, you need a few items:
  • wooden dowels
  • nips, small bottles of alcohol of your choice
  • hot glue/ hot glue gun
  • washi tape
  • Valentines stickers
  • container
  • paper gift filler
  • small valentine's candy
First, I chose to spray paint my dowels with pink and red spray paint that was left over from other projects.  I tried to do an ombre effect, but only because I ran out of the red. This step was not necessary, but I had the time and the spray paint.

Next, I hot glued the small bottles of liquor to the dowels at different heights.  Three of the bottles were glass and were too heavy so they were placed at the bottom of the glass container.  The washi tape was a decorative extra to make sure the bottles stayed glued.  The stickers easily adhered to the dowels with a paper backing.

Finally, organize your booze/dowels and stickers inside the glass container and sprinkle the valentines candy in the paper filler.

I was super excited to surprise Jeff with this morning.  If it wasn't so cold, I would have left it by the front door and rang the bell.

Did you make anything special for that special someone this year?

<3 mk

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