Eyebrows- Growing Them Out & Shaper Wax

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Growing out one’s eyebrows has to be one of the most frustrating beauty things one can do.  You literally have to throw away your tweezers, or lock them up to fight the urge to pluck those stray hairs.  It honestly will take many months; maybe even up to a year, but in the end it will be worth it. I have been growing them out since May of 2013.  It hasn't really been a year and they aren’t exactly where I want them to be yet, but they are a work in progress.

I wish I had a before picture because this "after" picture is a great improvement.  The brows were plucked very thin and there was barely anything at the end.  Having self-control to not pluck those hairs has been difficult.

My biggest issue was how sparse they are towards the end and middle, but I gave up on filling my brow in because I didn't feel like any of the products I bought actually stayed on for long enough. They would look great when I initially put them on, but the staying power was not there.  Until I found this, NYX Eyebrow Shaper Wax.  After watching a tutorial by Melrea from Lashes, Love and Leather, the purchase was immediate and well worth the couple of dollars this product costs.

I have been using the wax along with an Anastasia Brow Powder I had already purchased a while back.  Glide the wax pencil across your brows to where you want the powder to stick and then using an angled brush, fill in those holes and make my “almost” grown out brows fuller. 

The brows are not where I hope they will be, which is why I don't have a final picuture, but the wax shaper really has made a world of difference for me and I felt I needed to share with you all. If you are having the same issues as I did, I totally recommend this product.

<3 mk

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