USB Outlet and Phone Holder


USB outlet and phone holder
Are you tired of searching around for the charger for your cellphone or having the cords dangling everywhere?  Yeah me too.  There really isn’t a need to go on a hunt for your charger anymore or have those cords being an eyesore. Installing a USB outlet and phone holder in your regular outlet is easy and inexpensive.

Here's what you need, all from Amazon naturally.

Installation is as easy as replacing the outlet.  Here's the outlet without the Mobile Device Station attached.

The best part of this outlet, is there is still is a regular plug and then two USB plugs in place of the second plug.  If you have the room, you should also purchase the outlet cover that has a section attached to hold your phone.  The cover looks like a double outlet holder, but has a perch to keep your phone while charging. There is also an area to wrap your cord so you don’t have any hanging around.  To make it even tidier, there are extra short charging cables available.

USB Outlet and Phone Holder
This was a quick and easy fix to minimize cords and expensive electronics hanging around on the floor.  We even installed the outlet in my mother’s home for her iPad. 

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