Laundry Room Refresh Part 2


Back in September I posted about my laundry room update…Part 1.  Well, it took me some time to get to part two. Life tends to get in the way of all good project intentions.  After making the signs and doing all the work, I realized that there were a few more things that I wanted to do and we're on to Part 2. 

For the last few months I went out on a hunt for a few more items that had purpose and also had the look I wanted for the room.  I ended up making most of the items myself.  I added a valance, ironing board, and a new light fixture.

I made actually made the ironing board cover back in October.  I used the same fabric from the project for the valance over the window.  A full size board wasn't necessary since I rarely iron as we have a steamer.  It's hung on the wall with a hook that easily attaches to the built in hook on the ironing board.

I honestly wanted to purchase a window treatment, but never found what I liked, but making the valance was just too easy. I followed the tutorial from Life.Love.Larson. to aid me in the process, but I actually used my sewing machine instead of just using the ironing tape.  Either is a good option.  I ended up using the leftover fabric from the ironing board project.

The light fixture is my ultimate favorite item in the whole room…well, the washer and dryer are to be honest.  I have wanted a drum light fixture for a while, but didn’t have the need for one until the current fixture broke when changing the bulb. Oops!  I didn’t cry at all.  Score for me and fulfilling my need for a drum light fixture.  This Portfolio Chrome Pendant Light was on sale at Lowe’s for $98 and I used a coupon for 10% off. Winning!  I wish I could say that installed it, but I’ll give all the cred to Jeff.  I blame a bum shoulder as my excuse.

So, the room is complete until we make a counter to go over the washer and dryer.  It totally isn't a needed item, but if the granite matched the granite from the sink that is already in there…even better.  I know that is a long way in the future, but a girl can dream; anything to make doing the laundry a bit easier.

<3 mk

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