DIY Ironing Board Pad / Cover

DIY Ironing Board Cover
This ironing board cover was totally made out of frustration because I was unable to find the cover I really wanted for my small ironing board.  The search went on for a few weeks and I did find a few good options but wasn’t willing to spend $20+ bucks on a cover that would cost more than the actual ironing board! So, I decided that I would DIY my own cover.

This  DIY project was not an original thought either. The complete tutorial is from Desiree from The 36th Avenue blog. Her tutorial made me want to make my own to save money and also pumped me up to take another chance to improve upon my weak sewing skills.  She is totally right, don't say you can't sew until you actually take a chance. 

For this project I decided to use the same fabric I chose for another project you will see soon that also was made for the laundry room. The process was pretty easy and it took just a short amount of time (about 20 minutes) compared to the amount of time I spent actually searching online and in stores.  I left the original cover on the ironing board because it had the cushion attached to it. Check out Desiree' blog for all the steps.

Just a hint, make sure you leave enough room on the sides for the fabric to really wrap under the ironing board so when you pull the sides tight with the elastic it will grip underneath.  If you don’t give yourself enough overlap, the cover won't hold onto the actual board. 

This is totally a DIY for a larger board as well.  Of course it will take longer, but totally worth it. Look how much cuter my ironing board looks now!  Just make sure you use thicker elastic.  You might want to use two pieces of elastic and have two sections where it is pulled taught instead of one like on my smaller board.

Is your ironing board boring?  Make a new cover and make it fancy.

<3 mk

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