Quick Outside Fall Decorating


Fall is here!  We took this along the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC
Fall is the season for putting up Halloween décor, but I have never been a big fan of the spiders and bats.  Until this year, I've ever done anything for fall decorating except to replace my summer flowers with cooler weather mums. 

This year there has been a lot of inspiration around my neighborhood and town that prompted me to put a bit more than just new Fall plants. I planted my usual mums and an added decorative kale, but this with an old metal bucket, some rocks on the bottom and potting soil, it was done. 

I also bought some pumpkins that were being sold at a local store.  Instead of just leaving them as is or cutting them, I decided to fancy them up and make them glow in the dark.  This was an inspiration from thinkcrafts.com.  They took a red glow in the dark black puff paint and dotted designs all around each pumpkin.  I was unable to find black glow in the dark so I used the regular black and alternated it with a red glow in the dark puff paint. To be honest, they don't glow in the dark that much, but they do look cool.

I also used the same puff paint to outline our last name initial on another pumpkin..  The Y isn't quite visible to see from the street, but up close to the front door you can see the decorated pumpkins.  

Add a simple bail of straw, arrange everything and you have fall on your door step.   Now, all we need is some more colored falling leaves and cooler temps.  Though, I'm not complaining.

There have been tons of inspirations for pumpkin decorations.  If I had some old patterned stockings, they can be used to cover a pumpkin (see below), but my frugalness wouldn't allow me to use any of my good pairs.

Another inspiration is from I Heart Nap Time.  The steps call for a fake pumpkin, but I am sure you can use a real one. Use some white paint (or a white pumpkin), washi tape, and other decorative items and you are set. 


Happy Fall!

<3 mk

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