From Under Bed Shoe Storage to Gift Wrap Organizer


Under bed gift wrapping organization
Last year I showed you how to organize your scarves.  I also used the same organizer for under bed boot storage.  Well, I now am lucky enough to have a closet that is large enough to store all of my clothing, shoes and accessories in one place.

Under bed scarf organizer
I originally kept my scarves in the organizer under the bed after we moved, but in the early morning hours after almost tripping over it and almost spilling coffee all over the place I figured it was time for a change.  It turns out that I didn’t shove the scarf storage fully back under the bed after I took out my colorful accessory... blame it on pre-coffee brain!

I decided to put my scarves back on the their original holder, the IKEA Komplement that I originally bought many many many years ago.  It does what it was suited for, holds scarves, all 26 of mine. I don't see what this as a problem, do you?  Now, what to do with the organizer?

After a few days of thinking, I realized that my underbed storage for gift wrapping supplies was just overflowing and needed a little help.  It is stored in the guest rooms so it doesn’t really bother me, but I know when it is prime birthday or holiday season I always cringe when it comes time to find stuff.  

I left all of the wrapping paper and tissue paper (I didn’t realized I had so much) in the original Tupperware holder.   The other stuff; ribbon, bags, bows, stuffing, etc.  got organized into the little compartments that were intended to hold shoes.  I felt the bottom needed more structure so I cut the plastic and slid a piece of foam board to keep the bottom sturdy. You can also cut pieces of cardboard from a box.  I already had a piece of foamboard left over from another project.  I ended up cutting a few section dividers out to store all of my bags in organized piles according to occasion.  I use clips to keep them stacked together.

This couldn’t be easier to repurpose this under bed shoe storage again.  I love when a project doesn’t cost a penny, but it was worth all the effort.

Happy organizing!

<3 mk

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