Easy and Quick Rack of Lamb



In an effort to clean out the freezer, I made this rack of lamb last night.  Organizing and cleaning has been my thing lately.  Maybe its the summer break, but I am also equating it to nesting (25 weeks today).  Jeff loves lamb and we bought a bunch from a local farmer - one of the perks of living near farms.  I forgot that we had this beautiful piece of meat in the freezer until I cleaned it out.

The name of the recipe truly explains it all, The Laziest, Most Delicious Rack of Lamb.   It really is super delicious and very easy / "lazy" to prepare.  Jeff was not a big fan of the paprika / pimentón as much as I was so next time I will substitute it with fresh rosemary.  Seriously...what goes better with lamb than rosemary?  I served roasted rosemary potatoes along side with a nice red wine, so I heard.

A few hints...

- Use a good meat thermometer.  Jeff received the Thermapen instant read thermometer for Christmas last year and it rocks. Its a bit pricey, but totally worth it.  What else received 700 5 star reviews on amazon?

- After cutting the potatoes for roasting, put them in the microwave for about 8-10 minutes.  It will partially cook them and lessen the roasting time in the oven.

I needed to share this recipe as it was that good, but it was gobbled up before taking any pictures.  It did look just like the pictures right from the source.


<3 mk

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