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I have been doing a fair amount of traveling these past few months.  With all the traveling, one gets to see lots of different décor.  Not all is good, but quite a bit of it is very inspirational.  The price of some of these pieces in stores, hotels, etc. are probably out of control, but you just know many are quite possible to recreate.

Wood Lamp - Asheville, N.C.

While in Asheville, NC  I came upon a store called k2 Studio.  This store has become a stop each time Jeff and visit the city.  There are tons of great modern furniture and decorating items that I would love to take home, but are not compatible with our budget.  The one item that I truly fell in love with is a lamp. I knew instantly that I could make something like this, but it would take some planning and time.  I have been collecting wood/sticks for a few months now that are gnarled enough to use to recreate this.   I hope to get my butt in gear to show you this recreation soon.

Wall Art - Baltimore, Maryland

Wall art at Aloft hotel
On a recent week trip to the DC area, I saw this wall art in an Aloft Hotel we were staying at.  The look is so modern and basic that instantly I took a liking.  A piece of wood, a router, sander, and two different color paints look like they would allow to recreate this project.  I am saying this now, and honestly it could easily turn into a Pinterest fail, but you never know if you don’t take a chance. It's hard to see, but the lines going through the wood are channeled using a router and then painted with a light green to contrast with the white of the rest of the wood piece. 

Balls - Chicago, Illinois

Orb Lighting in a Chicago O'Hare United Club
Yes, I said it, “ Balls!”  Ok, orbs?  They were everywhere we went in Chicago, specifically lighted orbs.   They were in the hotels, the lounge at O’Hare, restaurants, clothing stores (Zara), everywhere.  What caught my eye was that they were all of a metallic finish (some darker, some lighter), varying sizes and heights, and all had some sort of light fixture incorporated.  Now, I am sure they all cost a pretty penny so I did some research.  All possibilities totally varied in price and style.  The main thing about doing something like this is that you need to choose the ball (orb) size that best fits your space.

Orb Lighting in Zara, Chicago IL
No matter how ridiculous the inspiration, take a picture of it and dream a bit.  If you love the look the caught your eye, you will find a way to make it on your own and yours.  Happy inspiration hunting.

<3 mk

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