New Year’s Resolution

Self. Beauty.

Yes, its that time again when the ball drops, the clock strikes 12 and people vow to make big changes in their lives.  I think you should strive to make goals for your self more than just once a year, but if you want to do this in 2014, the first day of the year is always a great place to start.

Did you know? Any goal, especially a New Year’s resolution is less likely to occur if you tell people about it and can reduce your motivation.   That is such a debbie downer comment, but it is true.  How many times did you tell people about specific goals and they really haven't supported you, made a negative comment, or the biggest factor - you just plain lost motivation.  There's actual science behind it that.   Though, by telling you this fact, I'm in no way telling you to not tell people about your resolution, I'm only suggesting keeping those big goals in life close to you and keep working each day to accomplish them.  Check out the TED video below by Derek Sivers, "Keep your goals to yourself" where he explains this idea in three minutes.

With that being said, I’m going to break the rule and I am going to tell you about my new goal because I think it’s worth sharing and maybe it will help you.  I have to say that I have tried my new goal a few times in the past and went on big spurts of success, but then failed at other times.  Now that I am getting older, I am seeing that my lack of this thing isn't making me look any younger.  Can you guess what my resolution is now?

Water, people, I need to drink more water!  Yes, I am so guilty of not doing it enough and I blame my job, of course it really isn't my fault at all.  Teaching truly is an all day thing and going to the bathroom frequently really isn't easy to pull off.  So, I don’t drink enough water throughout the day and my skin is paying for it.  I thought when we bought our new home that I would drink much more because we had a built in water dispenser on the fridge, but that only happens when I am home, which is sometimes on the weekends, and in the evenings. 

As you probably guessed, I am not a big water fan.  When I do drink water, it is always with flavor, especially lemon. I LOVE IT!  I am sure waitresses at restaurants hate me because I am always requesting lemon my water, otherwise, I won't drink it.

So the goal is to drink more water and now you know that I like it flavored…in comes the Aquazinger.  Genius. This was shared with me through my good friend and boy does she know me.  It keeps the fruit or even veggies (love me some cucumber) on the bottom of the bottle, so you get the flavor infused into your water, but not the chunks.  This way I can refill during the day without losing any flavor. 

I am willing to work around the extra bathroom breaks, but I know my skin and health will thank me for it in the end.  Not only will my skin be happy, but think about it, with this one can satisfy the palette as well as reduce your food cravings and save money. I’m excited to try it out for the next few weeks and fill you in on my progress.

<3 mk

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