DIY His & Hers Mounted Pictures


Mod Podge used to adhere photo to canvas
Did you know it was called Mod Podge, not Modge Podge?  I have been calling this wonderful product the wrong name for many years.  I love how my husband pointed this out to me today as I was completing this project.  Who knew?

This project was created to add some personalization to our master bath.  We have so many wonderful pictures from our many travels and none of them are displayed around the house.  Picture to frame is the most obvious choice, but there are other easy and inexpensive options.  I had never mounted a picture on a canvas using Mod Podge before and it was about time I got to it.

This project takes about 5 minutes from start to finish.  Originally I wanted to paint the sides of the canvas black to mimic a frame, but I ended up purchasing a black canvas which saved time and was the same cost as a white one.


Although the frame and the printed picture both were advertised as 11" x 14”, that didn’t seem to be situation.  Trim the printed picture to fit to your canvas so there is no overhang. It is suggested you use a paper cutter or something that will give you a perfect edge.


Spread the Mod Podge on the top of the canvas.  An inexpensive foam brush works best.  Coat well, but not too thick as it will seep out the sides when pressing the picture on top.


Wearing gloves is recommended to this part as fingerprints can ruin the printed picture.  Mount the trimmed picture on top of the glue, pressing lightly.  Turn the frame over and press the backside of the canvas to ensure the picture adheres to the canvas.  There might be some seeping of the glue, just wipe with a paper towel.

If you choose, you can coat the front for the picture with the Mod Podge as well.  I choose to not use it as my pictures were matte finished. 

Mod Podge comes in a variety of finishes. Check out the different finishes then finish to your preference.  The entire look of your project can be drastically changed just on the finished of this glue product.


Our pictures were taken by Jeff and I on our honeymoon in Hawaii’, our favorite place in the world.  The picture of Jeff is over my sink and my picture is by his sink.  I just love the way this project turned out.

<3 mk

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