Our New House - Exterior “Before” Tour


Our new house

Technically we have been moved in and "settled" for about a month and a half.  I would say about sixty percent of that time we weren't actually in our new house because of our Japan trip and then some smaller trips for pleasure or work. August is here and we'll actually be home for the next few months, which means we can get some home projects done.  I am seriously excited about that! Such a house dork. 

Many of my friends and family have been asking to see what the house looks like and I have been seriously slacking on posting pictures.  This weekend we are conquering some inside projects that have filled up our project room over the last few weeks.  The project room has become a dumping ground for the to do list.  Once those projects get done I’ll be sure to give you a tour of the inside of the house.  Until then, you only get to see the outside.  It was such a beautiful day the other day that I grabbed my phone and did a quick outside "before" tour for you.

After watching the video and judging myself, I really listened to what I had to say and realized the list for outside projects keeps building up.  It wasn't that Jeff and I didn't realize that we had more to conquer outside than inside, but the entire time I just kept saying, “that's another project we will have to get done in the future.”  

Honestly, the outside looks much better than it did when we first moved in.  The weeds, now that they are now dead weeds from vinegar,  don’t bother me as much and the empty mulch bed will have some sort of vegetation once the weather gets cooler.  The lakefront will take us some time because that is an expensive project.  Until then, the view is still pretty awesome. 

I call this the “before” tour because it won't look like this forever.  I look forward to sharing the projects that we undertake this year so that next summer, I can do another tour and it won't look anything like it does now.  Oh the possibilities. 

On a side note, we have been enjoying the lake these past few days with paddleboards.  I have always wanted to paddle board on vacations, but the possibility of sharks eating me never went over well.  The fact that this is a shark-free lake (sans any unexpected Sharknados) has allowed us to do this sport that I have been wanting to do for about six years.  A local store has given us lessons and loaned us a few boards to try out for the weekend.  If you have never tried stand up paddle boarding, you should!  It’s a great workout, which requires balance, but really is fun.  We have gotten a whole new perspective of the lake and scenery from the water’s perspective. I love seeing the way each house has landscaped their outside area.  It’s like pinterest, but in real life.  It also allows us to work on our tans!

I hope everyone had a productive and/or relaxing weekend.  Any ideas about plants to plant this fall?

<3 mk

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