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Platform shoes on subway in Japan
We just recently returned from a trip of a lifetime in Japan.  We spend two weeks traveling in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto.  This trip was one of those trips that was culturally shocking in a way that made you appreciate the way they did things and wonder why some things are the way they are here.  I especially was paying attention to the fashion and the food as I wanted to share what I observed with you. 

I obviously focused on the women because to be honest, we are always looking at other females and comparing ourselves.  There were so many moments when traveling on the train or subway, or just sitting and having a drink that I was people watching and able to observe a lot.


Umbrellas but no rain!

The women have the most beautiful skin… not just because of genetics but because they take care of it.  One can not only wonder what they do to keep their skin so clear and porcelain like.  The woman mostly covered their bodies with umbrellas, clothes, and arm coverings when they were outside.  No wonder they maintain such beautiful skin, the sun doesn't ruin it.  One thing we didn't see many of were tanning salons. I felt almost guilty with my summer tan, but then all I wanted to do was slather suntan lotion and keep myself covered up.  I did actually buy some facial masks from there in a hope that my age spots from the sun would dramatically disappear.  I guess the lesson learned was that you can be beautiful with pale skin, but you need to work to keep it just as it was when born. 


Hair accessory store in Japan
If you go to your local mall, do you know the kiosks in the middle that sell all those hair accessories?   You totally know what I am talking about.  Well think of those kiosks and then turn it into a store - a very large and specific store.  Japanese women love hair accessories. There were entire stores all over the place that were strictly devoted to hair clips, pins, scrunches (yes, they are wearing them), hairbands, hair extensions, etc.  I loved seeing them on other people, but I didn’t indulge and buy any.  I have a drawer full of hair décor that I rarely use, I'll work on that first.

I have been considering cutting my hair in the style I saw most often.  Heavy straight bangs with straight length all the way around.  My only concern is that the look would require thicker hair and I often like to style my hair with a curl, which might not look good with that cut. I might just leave the style to the ladies in Japan.


Socks and Stocking store in Japan
I have a thing about socks worn with certain style of shoes (flats, heels, sandals), but I had to get over that quickly when in Japan.  Much like the stores strictly focused on hair accessories; there are entire stores specifically for socks and hosiery.  I thought the shoes that I saw women wearing around the cities were uncomfortable, but I guess with a good pair of socks paired with them makes it a lot easier.

Heels with stockings in Japan
Most women also wore stockings with their outfits to cover their legs.  I am not sure if it is only to cover their legs, or also to be ladylike.  The temperature when we were there was in the 90s so I don't know how they handled being so covered up. I can't say I am going to wear some socks even with my flats anytime soon, but you never know.


If you are familiar with Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Girl, then you won't be shocked when you visit Japan. This style is popular with younger girls and it is all the rage.  Remember, I was only in a few cities, but this style was seen in all of them. Please don't think that everyone is walking around like this, but it was extremely prevalent in the cities we visited. 

I don’t want you to think that all younger women dressed in this manner.  That truly isn’t the case.  I really enjoyed seeing the clothing that women would wear, especially when sitting on a train.  Much of the younger girls would layer their clothes, not fitted, and they had a very ethereal quality to their styles, lacy, layered, blousey.  The majority of the women were very petite and were not curvy and could carry this look off very well.  There was such a mix of different styles that I couldn't even begin to explain. I did do some shopping and tried on clothes, but I am not the shortest and I have curves to my body, so many of the clothes that I saw them wearing looked not so stylish or fitting on me. 

The main fashion thing that I learned about this trip is that compared to the 'States, anything goes.  I know that I spend so much time putting outfits together with the thought of other people, women, judging me.  I am sure that is the case with some of the ladies in Japan, but pretty much from what I saw, a good amount of them take chances and wear what they like.  

<3 mk

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