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Osaka Castle
It's summer and that means you'll be traveling somewhere. Jeff and I always use the summer as our main time to do a big trip because during the school year I never have enough time to go on a long getaway.   We recently got back from a big trip to Japan. It was the trip of a lifetime, but it was also made easier for me because I changed some of the ways I pack and travel.

In our travel outfits ready to go to the airport @ 3 am.

Usually I would wear a large eBags convertible backpack and a separate arm bag.  This has been my method for at least five major trips.   A few months ago I wrote about my new lightweight carry-on that I used on a long weekend trip to Northern CA.  Well, after much thinking, I decided that I would use the roller bag and a small backpack instead.  I was so sick of being slumped over.  I'm a strong girl, but after moving around from place to place over a few weeks, carrying that bag would wear on me. 

I knew the decision was a good one when we were on a layover in Chicago and roaming around the airport and I was actually walking upright instead of my usual travel hunch. 

Jeff and I traveled I for over two weeks and moved around Japan a few times from Tokyo to Osaka, Kyoto and back.  Below is a full description of the clothes and other necessities I brought.  I thought I was cutting it light with my stuff but my husband had me beat.  He only has enough clothes for about two days. His intentions were to buy news shirts and clothes there, which he did.  I usually don't have luck in that department when traveling so I only left room to purchase a few items.

Small Roller Bag:

Pair of pants
2 Pairs of shorts
Light long sleeve top
2 T-shirts
3 Tanks
2 Layering tanks
2 Dresses
Workout clothes
Workout sneakers
Flip flops
Dress sandals
Swim suit
Pair of socks for walking sneakers
4 Pairs of underwear
Bras (strapless, regular) all beige
Curling iron

On the plane I wore: (see picture above)

Pair of colored pants
White canvas sneakers protected with Rustoleum Never Wet
Heavy long sleeve shirt

Travel Essentials  
In my small backpack:

Travel journal
Travel papers
3 Granola bars (fearful of being hungry)
Tiny crossbody pocketbook
All toiletries
Eye mask
Flip flops

My list sure does seem large, but I still had room to spare in my bags for some travel purchases. I laid everything out on the bed to make sure all clothes could be matched and worn with other combinations. Jeff and I have always washed some of our clothes throughout all of our trips.  He brings the packets of detergent.  If I didn't do that then I would never have clean socks or underwear on these trips.  We pretty much wash everything that will dry easily in a day to use again.  Just bring it in the shower with you and wash it there.

Now that we are back, I have to say that my decision to not carry my usual travel bag was a good one. There were only a few instances when had to actually lift my bag and that was in the airport or the train/subway and only on the days of travel.  The bag has a handle on it and it wasn't heavy at all. I say this was a decision well made that I will be applying again for our next vacay.

Happy Packing!

<3 mk

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