Waterproofing White Sneakers with Never Wet


Rust-Oleum NeverWet Test Subject: Jack Purcell for Converse 

My husband is always up for buying products that are interesting and new.  He recently purchased the curious Rust-Oleum NeverWet waterproofing product.  I was not sure of his intentions with this new innovative product, but we ended up using it on something of mine first.

The Rustoleum NeverWet contains some high tech stuff that repels water, dirty liquids and protects against corrosion and wear caused by exposure to the elements.  As they say, it makes the surface "Hydrophobic" which means just what you think it means.

I am sure Jeff wanted to try this product on something of his, but we ended up using it on my white canvas sneakers that I was bringing on our over seas trip.  I had been wearing these shoes for sometime now and knew they were comfortable to walk around in. 

I made sure the shoes were washed before the spraying process.  That required a quick wash in the washer and some drying time.  Make sure you take out the laces and wash them separately to ensure they don’t get tangled.  I usually put the laces and the shoes in separate laundry bags.

The process is two-step; first spray on the base coat, allow it to dry and then apply several layers of the top coat.

After following the directions and letting the shoes dry from the two step process, I made sure I wore the shoes around so that they were comfortable for all the walking we were going to do on our trip. I expected them to be a bit stiff, but there weren't at all.  They fit the same way as they had prior to washing them and going through the NeverWet process. 

I have always been leary about white shoes especially on travel becasue they can really end up looking horrible.  With this process, the shoes will end up staying really clean.  One thing to note, there was a little white residue when rubbing your fingers over the outside.  I just made sure that I wasn't putting my shoes on my clothing, but otherwise this was a major WIN!

I freaked out when Jeff decided he was going to put ketchup all over them before our trip and of course, insisted on taking a video in case it actually worked.  I didn't have much confidence in the product in the beginning, but I'll let you be the judge.

Check out our video below:

What are you going to try NeverWet on?

<3 mk

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