Keeping Cool and Beautiful in the Summer

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Happy belated 4th!  Summer, my favorite season, but not my favorite season for keeping fresh.  Here are a few beauty tricks that I have learned through friends, the internet, just plain common sense and surprise, my husband.

I always put it on after I shower at night and usually don’t reapply in the morning.  This prevents the white from rubbing off on your clothes because it hasn’t dried. Putting it on before bed allows it to soak in more before you perspire during the day when active.  If you are a morning shower taker, you can always put it on again after your shower, but watch out for the white by letting it dry.

If you have long hair or even short hair, getting it off your face and even you neck makes you feel about ten degrees cooler.  If you are looking for inspirations of hair styles that aren’t just a bun, check out Pinterest.  I have seen a lot of really great tutorials from there and have received many compliments.  Here is the inside out bun tutorial I did and rock it very often. Headbands are also back and ready to be worn.  They are the perfect accessory that wont be a burden and stick on your sweaty skin.

Dry Shampoo.
If you are doing an updo, try dry shampoo to create some texture. I have tried a lot of brands and the one I have actually bought a second can of is Garnier Fructis Volume Extend.  It doesn't leave any powder or residue and it just works well with my hair.  There are so many out there, you just need to figure out what works best for your hair.  I have tried at least a half dozen brands and haven't repeated a purchase since I first bought this brand.  Even better, you can buy it at any local food store. 


If you are rocking an updo, then you need to use hairspray. To take care of flyaways,  spray your hair with a good hair spray before and after you put it up.  Moroccan Oil Hairspray is my favorite and it smells so good. Once you spray, with a low blow dryer setting, hit it for a few seconds to set it.  If you use bobby pins, try this trick above from PrettyGossip.com.  Common sense, spray the bobby pins with hair pray before inserting into hair, put them in the correct way with the ridge side down.  I can’t believe I was doing it wrong the whole time.

Makeup primer.
I bought this Urban Decay De Slick in Spring when it was getting hot and I LOVE IT!!!  Remember, not all beauty products work on everyone.  I have combination skin, oily in the t-zone, but in the summer, makeup just melts off my face.  I always use way less because I am usually a bronze beauty…kidding, but this stuff has kept my makeup on in the hot days on June while I am working.  Spray on a clean lotioned face before your put on the makeup and then after your make up has dried.  Make sure you wait until you are dried because I have done it before my mascara has dried fully and I end up having to wipe black from under my eyes.  Patience my friends.  Also, make sure you have makup that is water/sweat proof, especially if you will be in the sun.

Lid Primer.
I also use a lid primer that I absolutely love.  My sis-in law, never wore eye makeyp because she complained it never satyed on, not anymore!  This stuff is great for all seasons.

There are probably many other ways to stay beautiful and keep cool in this hot summer heat.  What tips do you have to share?

<3 mk

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