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Food. Fashion. Home.

June has been a busy month!  End of the school year, selling a house, buying a house, packing, and moving - a little bit busy.  When I originally started my monthly recaps (last month), I had intentions of posting my usual amount of posts three times a week and have about 12-13 monthly posts, but this June I have a whopping five! Choosing my favorites from Food Fashion and Home for just June would be somewhat silly.  So, I am going to choose my favorite from prior months as well.   Next month should be what my real intentions were to only recap from the prior month.


Yummy!  These are super easy, versatile, and delicious.  I will have to remember to make these for our July 4th families get together. 


I transported these containers (in Ziplocks) with me on my move from Northern VA to North Carolina because I like them so much.   I am still using them ritualistically and have made a few batches since.  My new bathroom is very cold compared to the rest of the house, so I hate getting out of the shower and rubbing body lotions all over myself.  The solution, put the lotion in in the shower.  These scrubs leave my legs and arms so smooth right from the shower.


I know this isn’t applicable for everyone, but I know Jeff and I are very proud of our last home.  All of the DIY work that went into that house and the prepping for its open house helped get it sold.  Yes, the location may have played a tiny part, but I still look back at the pictures and are really proud to say “We did that.”

More moving tips to come this week.  Promise!

<3 mk

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