Jalapeno Infused Vodka Germain


Last week we went out to our new favorite restaurant in town - the place is exactly what we like in a restaurant.  The menu changes by season based on the organic meats, fruits and veggies they source from local farms.  The drinks are prohibition style and the ambiance isn’t stuffy.  It's located in a renovated brick warehouse and the decor is just right.

I was the lucky one that night because I wasn’t the DD, so I was able to taste some of their adult beverages.   We both had a glass of wine with our meals, but as soon as I saw the specialty mixed drinks, I was excited.  My favorite was a jalapeno infused vodka with St. Germain.  It sounds a bit strange, but I have to say it was a spicy, sweet combination that worked very well.

My frugality kicked in and I recreated this at home as soon as I could buy some jalapenos.  The trick is  simply infusing the jalapenos with vodka.  It was only a few hours before the vodka was had a kick of heat.  The longer you keep them in there, the more intense the flavor.

Jalapeño Germain

1.5 oz. jalapeno infused vodka
1.5 oz. St. Germain
1 oz fresh lemon juice or juice of a whole lemon
soda water

Wearing gloves, slice one jalapeño.  Place the jalapeño into a resealable container and add vodka.  Store in a dry, cool place until your have reached the intensity of desired flavor.  This usually takes 1-3 days. You can strain the jalapeños out of the vodka using a coffee filter and store in a clean jar or resealable container or you can simply keep them inside, but keep it refrigerated. You can also infuse the liquors, like tequila.

Jalapeño infused vodka topped off with fresh green cuts
The ideal heat, sweet and cold drink

<3 mk

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