Updating the Ikea Norden Bar/Dining Table


Dining room with updated bar table
I feel like every time I read a blog or see a pinterest post, people are painting their furniture all sorts of bold colors.  I love seeing the transformation from a sad looking piece of furniture to something new and exciting.  I like to view these projects from afar, but when it comes to my house, when we redo furniture, it usually isn’t as colorful.  I like to think we are are just consistent with our color choices, black, white, gray, and a splash of color.


When we moved into the new house, we realized a good amount of our furniture needed a facelift.  The bar table in our dining room needed some help.  I had purchased that bar table when I moved into my apartment in 2003.  It has been with me from my moves in NJ, VA, and now to NC.  It’s an IKEA original that is still being sold in stores to this day (sans wheels) for probably the same price I purchased it about ten years ago.
Our dining room table is wood as well as our floors.  The bar table just wasn’t working for us, so I went with a tried and true color, black, glossy black.  Honestly, it made a huge difference. 

The process was easy and only took a day. First, I sanded it down to make sure there weren't any areas that weren’t perfectly smooth.  Then I cleaned it off to make sure what was sanded wouldn’t get in the paint.  I taped off the drawers and primed the whole piece with two coats of a tinted primer.  I used a foam roller, but also had to use a foam brush for the smaller nooks and crannies.   There were a lot of those tight areas which ended in more drip areas than I like to admit.  After allowing that to dry fully, I hand sanded down the drip marks and imperfections, which made a huge difference when applying the glossy black.  It took about two solid coats and the piece was done.

I had grand plans to replace the wheels on the one side, but in the end I just painted them.  Normally I would be against that, but honestly they turned out great.  We wont really wheel the cart around so there wont be any wear on the paint.

I taped the drawers so that the paint wouldn’t scrape off the side.  The drawers aren’t on a rail system so painting them totally would  lead to scraping and ugliness.  I rarely use them anyway so it worked out perfectly.

A few hours and just a little effort and I had a whole new piece.  It works much better in the dining room.  We use it mostly for storage of our alcoholic beverages, but it looks nice holding our drinks.

So now that I have a whole gallon of tinted primer and glossy black paint, I think I will need to paint a few more things in the house.  I have been jonesing to paint a wooden dresser like this for many years, it might just happen this weekend.

Are you painting anything besides walls this weekend?

<3 mk

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