Techniques for Tying Running Shoes


I won't call myself a full fledged runner because compared to some people I know, I'm totally in the novice category.  But to give myself credit, I have done a few races that involved pretty good mileage - several Tough Mudders and a Super Sprartan.  They are about 12 and 8 miles respectively.  We try to run a few times per week.  Since moving from VA to NC, the running terrain has changed drastically.  We went from a nice flat distances to never ending brutal elevation changes.  I loathe hills, but they aren't going away so I have been training for our new terrain.  We are signed up for races in October and November so we have been getting our “run” on a bit more often than usual to prepare.

Now, to the main reason I am posting this. I had to pass this on to any of my friends who are runners and have a hard time finding the right shoes.  My feet are slightly weird when it comes to finding shoes that fit me well.  A running company has analyzed my foot and shoes were specially chosen for my feet and my style of run.  Finding the right shoes and size helped, but nothing helped as much as this trick below. 
Simply rearranging the way you tie your laces makes huge difference. The style I chose gave me the room up front that I needed for my wide, spread out toes, but then the security in the back to keep the shoe from slipping off. 
Me and my Inov-8 F-lites ready for a run.
There are many other options to try for narrow feet, to heel slipping, wide instep, even a black toenail. Don't go out and buy new running shoes until you try these techniques. Thank you so much, Katie from Katie Runs This, for sharing these useful shoe tying techniques. My feet also thank you.

<3 mk

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