Turning Candy Containers Into Storage


I am constantly looking for ways to turn anything into storage.  I was in the process of replacing my car gum holder this afternoon when I realized I could totally reuse the gum container.  The round container has two openings on the top, one tiny and the other the entire diameter of the top. 

I am a creature of habit and I always wear my hair up every other day.  Dirty hair on day two is always the best for an updo.  I always try to do some sort of braid, but my habit is a ballet bun.  Bobby pins are my friends and I have a large collection.  I am proud that I am still using the ones from my wedding day (swoon). My usual holder for my bobby pins was a ziplock baggie and a smaller one for travel. 

I had seen something about using a tic-tack container to store the bobby pins, but I realized that would be great for my pocketbook, but it wouldn’t hold my swizzle bobby pins.  These guys rock! (see pictue above, they are in the mix of other pins) If you haven’t purchased them, you need to.  I couldn’t do my ballet bun without it.

I used Goo-Gone to get the tic-tac packaging off of the outside.  It took a little elbow grease and a scrub sponge.  For the gum dispenser, I simply removed the topic sticker and pulled off the outside.  

Easy as that. 

It is be a tad bit annoying with the sound my bobby-pins make in my purse, but who cares, you never know when you’ll have a hair emergency. 

<3 MK

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