Baby Mustache?

Recently one of my best friends had her second child, a beautiful boy named Benjamin.  Her first child was a girl and I went all out buying frilly stuff when she was born.  I thought it would be fun to make something that would make for an awesome boy picture.

The mustache fad has been in full swing for a while now especially with Movember ending recently.  Everywhere I go I see mustache shirts, pencils, and even drink decorations.  Mustaches everywhere.  I am so happy my husband didn’t rock one.  So to bring that fad to Ben was my goal. I thought it would be funny to put a mustache on a binky for the new baby boy. 

They do make binkies with the mustaches on them, but they are pretty expensive at about $18 for one and I it hurts me and my wallet when I spend a lot of money on something that won’t be used.  I don’t even think this little boy is even using a binky.  So, I saw these rubber mustaches in WorldMarket that attach themselves to wine/drink glasses.  I got a pack with six for $5. 

I bought a pack of clear binkies for $6 at Target and then hot glue gunned the mustache right on the front.  I wouldn’t recommend leaving the child alone with this, but my ultimate goal was for picture taking so I thought it would be ok.  How funny will that be? 

The mustache could even be pulled off for full use once the picture taking moment is over and regular life sets in.

I also found a baby onesie at Target (similar) with a black mustache on the front which was a prefect pairing for the binky.  I can’t wait for my friend to send me a picture of this. 

One a side note, the left over mustache drink stickers came in hand on Thanksgiving.  They not only did their job identifying our drinks, but some fun pictures were a result. 

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