Pimm's Fizz


Pimms was always the liquor that I saw whenever we visited Europe and I never actually thought much about it…until I was in Tampa, FL.  We were visiting some friends that brought us out to many different restaurants in southern Tampa.  We enjoyed so many delicious meals, but my favorite was at Fly Bar where I go this delicious, refreshing adult bev.

I have adapted the recipe (see below) because one, I didn’t have it, and two, I couldn’t find cucumber soda without ordering it online.   I have some many specialty food stores in my area and I searched high and low before I made the decision to make my own cucumber soda.  It was super easy and I actually think I like it just as much as I did at the restaurant.  Enjoy.

Pimm's Fizz

2 oz. fresh lemon juice
3 oz. Pimm's
splash soda water
1 teaspoon of Agave nectar (simple syrup will work as well)
1 inch of a cucumber (always use an English cucumber and I don’t mind the seeds)
  1. Cut cumber into small pieces. 
  2. Muddle the cucumber in the bottom of a drinking tin.
  3. Pour the fresh lemon juice, Pimms, and agave nectar into a shaker tin and add ice.  I added in the agave because I like a sweeter drink, but you could always leave it out.  You can also use any sweetener.
  4. Add ice to the tin and cover with a pint glass.  Shake.
  5. With a drink strainer, pour the liquid into a tall glass (I used a collins glass) filled with fresh ice.   Only fill about ¾ to the top.
  6. Fill to the top with soda water and stir with a long barspoon.
  7. Dress with a cucumber, lemon or both.

Yield- Two servings

<3 MK

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